Memphis May Fire Drop Surprise New Track “Virus”

Memphis May Fire have surprised anyone not attending Warped Tour by dropping a new track “Virus“. There’s a few live videos on Youtube that have popped up in the last few days but this definitely took me by surprise.

The new song follows the progression that the band made with This Light I Hold, with a more radio rock sound as opposed to the metalcore of their earlier albums. This has led to some people on social media suggesting this may feature on a potential deluxe edition of This Light I Hold. The track also features some nice technical guitar work.

I love Matty‘s clean vocals, he’s one of the best singers in the alternative scene, but I’d love to hear some more music in the vein of The Hollow. There are an awful lot of bands moving away from their heavier roots (I’m looking at you Linkin Park), and this trend is a little concerning.

Virus is available online, and you can stream the new song below.

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