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Linkin Park

My favourite Linkin Park albums, in order:

  • Living Things
  • Minutes To Midnight
  • Meteroa
  • Hybrid Theory

It goes against the grain, but that’s me


Meteroa 20th Anniversary Edition

Plays: 1047

Top track: Numb (161)

Hybrid Theory Album Artwork

Hybrid Theory

Plays: 548

Top track: In The End (168)

Minutes To Midnight Album Artwork

Minutes To Midnight

Plays: 676

Top track: Given Up 🅴 (100)

One More Light Album Artwork

One More Light

Plays: 349

Top track: One More Light (196)

Living Things Album Artwork

Living Things

Plays: 901

Top track: Powerless (240)

Meteora Album Artwork


Plays: 966

Top track: Numb (161)