To Speak Of Wolves Debut “Haunt Me” From New Album “Dead In The Shadow”

To Speak Of Wolves are preparing to release their first full length album since returning from hiatus, with the first single out today. Haunt Me is the opening track from the album, and is about letting go of people you can’t help any longer, as described by vocalist Gage Speas.

“Haunt Me’ is one of my favourite songs off the record. It was a pretty emotional experience tracking vocals. The lyrics are about letting go of people you love when it becomes apparent that you just can’t help them anymore. You’ve done everything you can and have to walk away. When we sat back and all listened to it in the studio, we knew right away this was going to be the first song we released.”

The song hasn’t hit online retailers yet but you can listen on SoundCloud below.

The new album Dead In The Shadow is set to release on July 21, and is available to preorder through MerchNow.

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