Solid State Records Release Free Sampler “The Starter Pack”

Solid State Records have released a new free sampler, entitled “The Starter Pack”. The 9 song album features a brand new single from The Ongoing Concept from their next album.


  1. The Print – The Ongoing Concept
  2. Enemies To EveryoneTo Speak Of Wolves
  3. The Estate – Earth Groans
  4. Understanding Love As LossSilent Planet
  5. Cold Winter Sun – Demon Hunter
  6. DeathgripFit For A King
  7. Wake Me (When I’m Dead) – Death Therapy
  8. War In The Time Of Peace – Wolves At The Gate
  9. Everyone Talking Over Everyone Else – Norma Jean

You can download the album for free from Noisetrade, likely only for a limited time.


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