Racing toward us
Something like never before
Inevitable impact
Undeniable encounter
Man studied trajectory
Our best scientists all together
Racing towards us
Breaking through the atmosphere
Flames streak through the night sky
With imminence is our destruction
Rapidity and certain doom
What’s to say now? What’s to ask?
I can’t believe we never thought
We never thought it’d end like this
While we all live with hate towards our neighbors
Without favor

Think of best friends
Think of strangers
Think of lovers
Think of foes
Think of children
Think of family

Keep in mind that nothing stays
Say goodbye one last time as the earth will be no more
All aflame and destroyed
It’s funny how we once fought
It’s funny how we didn’t care
Consider what we could have been
Say goodbye one last time
It’s getting closer now
Say goodbye one last time
It’s closer now