You Should Watch This Video About “Dance Monkey”

We bring you a break from our scheduled programming of absolutely nothing for literally years.

YouTube documentarian SunnyV2 released a fascinating video about Tones & I’s smash hit Dance Monkey and I highly recommend you watch it.

Full disclosure, I hate the song. The vocals are objectively awful, the song is annoyingly repetitive and it was overplayed beyond belief. But SunnyV2’s video made me see the song in a different light.

The song is ironically meta, highlighting how audiences beg for the thing that entertains them over and over again, which is exactly what happened with this song, to the point where it’s attracted a ton of hate due to how it’s been played excessively. It’s almost like a self fulfilling prophesy. I hadn’t paid much attention to the lyrics before, due to how much I dislike it, but seeing it now, the song has quite a poignant meaning.

It also highlights what I hate about pop music (and adjacent genres). Dance Monkey, lyrically, is a dark, insightful song, yet the upbeat and catchy tune completely robs the song of it’s seriousness, and as a result audiences missed the point entirely and acted out the very behaviour this song is criticising. It’s a prevalent problem in pop music as a whole, where the meaning of a song’s lyrics are lost in pursuit of catchiness and virality. That’s not to say that songs with darker meanings should sound like Lorna Shore or Impending Doom, a sound similar to artists like SKYND for example would achieve the same thing without becoming significantly less accessible for mainstream audiences.

I’m glad that SunnyV2’s video has highlighted the true meaning of the song, and while I’ll never like it, I have a lot more respect for both the song and the artist now.

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