QuietScrob Releases Version 408

QuietScrob, my preferred app for scrobbling from iOS, has released version 408. The most notable change being that it now supports “live” scrobbling. The currently playing track displays on last.fm as “now playing” as if it were being streamed from Spotify.

One thing I noticed is that it keeps updating the now playing track even when the music is paused. This leads to a confusing experience when I switch over to Spotify on my desktop and the now playing track keeps switching between the track I’m actually listening to and the song paused on my phone. I’m sure however that this will be resolved in an upcoming version as the app is updated pretty frequently.

QuietScrob is my preferred app for scrobbling, mainly due to the option to scrobble the album artist instead of the track artist. This ensures correct scrobbling of songs with guest artists because Apple are still incapable of storing the artist a single an array. This new feature of live scrobbling definitely improves the user experience and gives a more accurate record of what I might listening to at any given time.

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