Glasslands Release Debut Music Video “Back And Forth”

Glasslands have released a new music video for their song Back And Forth from their debut album Pariah, released last year. This is their first music video in the approx. four years as a band.

Glasslands is the latest project of Josh Kincheloe (formerly of Icon For Hire), with Brandon Mullins (ex-Beartooth) and Jordan DiSorbo (Before Their Eyes). I’m a big fan of all the aforementioned bands, in a way that makes Glasslands a bit of a supergroup. Their style has been labelled “dreamcore” by some for it’s blend of ambience and post-hardcore, I think that term suits them perfectly.

The video shows a young woman locked inside a room with a video feed of a terrifying hooded figure. However once she is able to break the TV, the figure disappears, implying that he was just a monster inside her head. This follows on from several recent videos from bands such as Beartooth and Silent Planet that also deal with mental health, depression and anxiety.

Back And Forth was one of my least favourite tracks on Pariah, but the music video has given it a whole new meaning.

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