Beartooth Release Music Video For “Sick Of Me” With Aggressive Deluxe Edition

Beartooth have released an unconventional music video for “Sick Of Me“. The video highlights a number of personal stories of suffers of anxiety and depression, similar to Good Charlotte‘s video for Hold On. As a result the video does feel a little disjointed but it’s great to see awareness being raised and showing that it can be overcome. Caleb hasn’t been shy about his struggles with anxiety and depression and form the basis for most of Beartooth’s songs.

Sick Of Me is probably my favourite song off Aggressive. I really connect with the message of the song about winning the battle within our own minds and the new music does the meaning of the song justice.

This coincides with the release of the deluxe edition of Aggressive, including 6 new tracks (acoustic and live versions of songs already on the album). Listen on Spotify below.

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